A taste of Stories, a Touch of Wisdom

Mark Schiettekat

Founder| Founded in 1983

Father of three kids and Le Wine.

Turbodiesel, emotional intelligence with a calculator nearby.
Enterpreneuring is like rock climbing. Working with three support points, a safety rope and one free hand. Love life, nothing is granted.

Stefaan D'Hondt

Sales | Since 2006 stefaan @ lewine . be +32 479 99 58 24

Account Manager. Wine and gastronomy are high priorities. '85 and '89 are my loveliest experiences. Always trying to discover something new. TinTin travelling the world.

André Linthoudt

Sales | Since 2008 andre @ lewine . be

PR and commercial support. Team is THE key. Winepassion from experiences to discoveries. Nature and gastronomy. “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”

Lieve Weytjens

Customer Service | Since 2008 office @ lewine . be

Customer service. Good friends, a thrilling book and dreaming of adventurous travel.

Julie Stroobants

Customer Service | Since 2010 julie @ lewine . be

Customer service. Sun, music, my friends, good food and good wine of course ;-) Enjoy the little things in life.

Jo Dedobbeleer

Sales & Marketing | Since 2009 jo @ lewine . be +32 497 64 41 26

Coordinating marketing and organising Sales for traditional wine trade. Team player, organisator, runner. Always looking for a new challenge because the only failure in life is the failure to try.

Jean-Michel Chainiaux

Sales | Since 2009 jean-michel @ lewine . be

Off trade management. Pragmatic with a great marketing and sales feel. "He spent more than 20 years in FMCG and 3 years at Fourcroy creating nice professional and relational network within off trade chanel."

Matthijs Grondhoud

Sales Manager Nederland| Since 2015 matthijs @ lewine . nl +31 655 30 85 92

First Dutchman at Le Wine. 15 years experience in the wine business. Teamplayer. Passion for Italian wines and cooking. Formula 1, soccer and running. Do what is right, not what is easy…

Franck Thirion

Sales Manager France | Since 2017 franck @ lewine . fr 06 98 20 49 98

25 years of experience in the food sector, 10 of which in the world of wine, in France and worldwide. My favorite blend is family, a dash of conviviality and team spirit.

"When it comes to wine, one must know pleasure before prestige."

Michael Schiettekat

Marketing | Since 2013 michael @ lewine . be +32 475 20 81 14

Trade marketing and projectmanagement. And Excel. Graspop and Springsteen. RSCA and Zlatan. Christopher Nolan and popcorn. Nikita and Noah.

Mandy Schiettekat

Customer Service | Since 2013 mandy @ lewine . be +32 477 67 26 48

Customer Service and support events. Fireplace, glass of wine and a good book/film. My two wonderful sons!

"A life without challenge and risk is not worth living"

Tony Van den broucke

Customer Service | Since 1990 tony @ lewine . be

Logistics and customs.

Family guy and lover of Classic Cars.

Joëlle Tassignon

Finances & administration | Since 2015 joelle @ lewine . be

Family minded, enjoying the little things. “Ubuntu”, I am because we are...

Hugo Dekegel

Finance| Since 2013 hugo @ lewine . be +32 477 78 50 00

Administration and Finance.

la cucina e il vino italiano, Golf, F1 and Clapton.

Muriel Crespin

Graphic Design | Since 2004 collaboration between Le Wine and Tonk Design tonkdesign @ me . com +32 494 92 33 47

Likes lines, letters, scribles,... and loves playing around with them. Like Steve Jobs says; "The only way to do great work is to love what you do."

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